How to Forward Shaw Email to Another – 2014 UI

This post explains how to do it using the new UI. For the old UI, please visit this post.

I know there are some other answers for this and it is pretty simple but judging by the number of hits I get for how to forward Telus emails, I figured it would be useful.

1) Go
2) Click on Preferences (on the right hand side)
3) On the left hand side, expand (if not already expanded) the mail subsection
4) Click on “Receive”
5) Enter the other email address after “Forward a copy to:”
6) Hit save.

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How to Forward Shaw Email to Another Email Address Old UI

This post explains how to do it using the old UI. For the new UI, please visit this post.

I know there are some other answers for this and it is pretty simple but judging by the number of hits I get for how to forward Telus emails, I figured it would be useful.

1) Go
2) Click on Settings

3) On the mail tab (should already be there), click on Settings

4) At the bottom, in the Mail Forwarding Section, select “Enable forwarding”, enter your email address in the Email Address field and click Add

5) Optionally you can decide to not save a copy of your mail on the shaw servers by selecting “Do not leave copy on server”
6) Click Save.
7) Usually not a bad idea to send yourself a test email to your Shaw email address to make sure it worked.

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How to Connect Your Own Router to Telus Optik TV Actiontec Router

Just got Optik TV installed and Telus upgraded my Speed Touch modem with their new Optik TV Actiontec V1000H router. I had a Linksys E2000 all configured and really didn’t feel like switching so I wanted to hook them up. Unfortunately it is not just a matter of plug and play. You have to play with configurations.

    1. Login to the Actiontec router admin panel at The default username is admin and password is telus. Note the router will likely ask you to change the default password the first time around.
    2. Disable the wireless by click on Wireless Setup and selecting “Disable” for Wireless Radio and clicking Apply. Note this step maybe optional. I’ll need to test that further.
    3. Login to your own router and change the range of IP addresses to another range. 172.16.0.x for example. On the Linksys E2000, that’s right on the first page (Setup | Basic Setup)
    4. Go back to Actiontec router admin panel and click on Firewall button at the top
    5. Click on DMZ hosting on the left
    6. Click on “Enable” on the Set the DMZ state section.
    7. Enter the IP address chosen for your own router in step 3 above under “Select device”. Leave the pull down as “Manually Enter IP”.
    8. Click Apply
    9. Connect your own router to one of the regular ports in the Actiontec router. Don’t connect to WAN port.
    10. Reboot your own router
    11. You should be all set


Note: There are likely extra reboots involved in some of those steps. Just follow the instructions from the router and do wait for those reboots to be completed before proceeding to the next step.

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Embedded Automation mControl Now on App Store

Embedded Automation just launched mControl for iPad and iPhone/iPhone on the app store! The application lets you access Embedded Automation’s mControl “Digital Home” software from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Control your house lights, thermostat, alarm system, and even your security camera right within your iPad!

The application is free and can be used in demo mode without requiring a server so feel free to give it a try!

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Just a test

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Pollate – Fun and Free Polling App

My friend Brian created this cool app called Pollate. If you are looking for a fun and free polling app, check out Pollate. The app is a great example of how mobile crowd sourcing can be used to create a very compelling service. Within minutes you can get quick results on any questions you may be wondering. Want to know how many cars/phones/TVs people have in their households? Want to know if people practice Yoga? Simply create the poll question and answers (multiple choice) and press submit and within minutes, you start to get answers. Couldn’t be simpler to use. If that’s something that may interest you, you can get it on the app store here: . Good luck to Brian on this one!

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District 13: Ultimatum Movie Review

Been a while since I posted a movie/show review and I have watched quite a few lately (well relatively speaking cause with 3 kids, you don’t get much time) so I will try to post about them.

First one was District 13: Ultimatum which is on Netflix. District 13: Ultimatum is a movie by Luc Besson (The Professional, The 5th Element, Taken, Transporter 2) which is the sequel to District B13. I had never heard of either movie and they didn’t have the original one on Netflix but figured I would give the sequel a try. Wow was I ever surprised. This movie is an action packed movie which takes place in what is supposed to be futuristic Paris of 2010 (ok it was done in 2004) where the government have decided to throw all the gangster into a ghetto, build a big wall around it and throw away the key. In the first movie, I believe you get to learn how this undercover cop teams up with a guy from the ghetto to defeat some bomb plot. The cop is a martial art expert while the ghetto guy is a parkour expert.
In this story, a group of realtors want to have the ghetto destroyed / cleaned up so they can build new towers/condos and our pair is there to reveal the conspiracy. The martial art in the show is very good. Well very much like Jackie Chan movies where he makes use of props in his fights. What sets the action apart is some of the parkour in the show. Quite amazing what they can do. I hear the first film has even better parkour stunts. Can’t wait to see it (just bought it on Amazon for $8 since I couldn’t find it anywhere). I give the movie a $8 rating.
Note the movie is in French with subtitles. The story is not that hard to figure out so not much an issue here.

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NHL All-Star Game Weekend

I watched a little bit of the NHL All-Start game weekend. Well mostly the skills competition and part of the first period. The NHL really needs to rethink the format. This game of shinny with no intensity is just plain boring (the reason I stopped watching after 10 minutes). They need to award points for the game. Here are some suggestions:

  1. East vs West and the team that wins give 2 pts to all team in their conference. That could make a difference come president trophy time. A little bit like how it is done in baseball.
  2. Do like they used to do in the past and have the stanley cup champions play against the all star and award two points to the stanley cup champions if they win. For example, this year the Blackhawks would have played the all-star and since this year the Hawks are fighting to stay alive, they would want the 2 points. You could bet the Sedin twins and Kesler would like nothing better than for the Hawks to miss the playoffs.

Hopefully that would bring some intensity back in the game. Also was it just me but was the TV coverage of the skills competition just awful? They missed a few players hardest shot attempts, on some occasions for the accuracy shot, you couldn’t see the all the targets.

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Dexter Season 4 Review

I finished watching Dexter Season 4 last night. Yes I know one year behind but we don’t get Showtime here so I have to wait for releases to go on DVD. For those that have never heard about Dexter, Dexter is a show about a blood pattern analyst working for the homicide department of the Miami police. Dexter is a serial killer that kills criminals that have escaped the justice system for one reason or another. If you like dark drama (and humour) Dexter is for you. It is obviously not for the faint of heart. If you have never watched it, I recommend starting at Season 1 as the entire show builds up upon the first season and if you are going to do that, I recommend stopping to read my review as there are a few spoilers.

Season 4 takes off about a year where Season 3 left off with Dexter being adjusting to his new life with a new baby and a family. Eventually recently retired FBI Super Agent Lundy (from Season 2) returns to Miami tracking the one serial killer that escaped him. John Lithgow plays this serial killer and it is probably one of his best and scariest performance. The look on his face was just priceless and also sent chills down my spine. Season 4 was a lot darker than the other seasons and you start to see that Dexter’s ways are not so black and white like the first 3 seasons made it seem also one thing you see in Season 4 is that Dexter is having a lot more imaginary talk with his Harry. I am not sure if they did that on purpose to signify that Dexter is starting to lose touch with reality or not but it sure expanded Dexter’s character a lot more. The final episodes are very gripping with the last episode being unbelievable. I am still in shock over the episode and I normally don’t get rattled too much. I think Season 4 is one of the best season of Dexter perhaps on the same level as Season 1. I don’t know how I should rate a TV show dollar wise but it was well worth the price of the DVD package. Well mind you I got it as a gift. :-)

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Angry Bunnies

Dave sent me this Angry Alien Productions. Find a movie that you know and watch the bunnies. Pretty funny. They remind me of the bunnies from Rayman Ravin Rabbits. Mahhhhhhhhh!

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