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Snow Snow Snow and More Snow

ok my prayers were answered. Here is a shot taken Sunday at Whistler. (Picture from I also heard on the radio that the local mountains got snow too. I haven’t been able to see the mountains though and Seymour … Continue reading

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Rain Rain Rain and More Rain

I guess summer is over…. I had to remove part of my halloween decoration preps cause it is raining so much that it was causing all sort of havoc with them. I hope next Sunday is not like today or … Continue reading

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Wedding Floral Arrangements in Vancouver by Precious Pear

Janice just launched her first website called If you are looking for Wedding Floral Arrangements in Vancouver, check it out she does great job.

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Alex’s BallZOut

Congrats to Alex for launching his new iPhone game BallZOut! Check it out here or here. I think I finally got my iTunes library moved over to my iMac so I can start purchasing stuff again (I was being paranoid … Continue reading

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Workaround to Export Bookmarks for Google Chrome on a Mac

I was just setting up my new iMac yesterday when it came time to re-install Chrome (not much of a Safari fan). I went to my old Mac to see if I could export them. Checked the file menu, checked … Continue reading

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French Fries Recipe

Since we make our own poutine, we make our own french fries. I though I would share the recipe here: 1) Clean and peel the potatoes. Well some people like to keep the peel but I prefer off. 2) Cut … Continue reading

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