Author: sylvain

March 9th Quick Visit

At 3pm we went to the hospital to have some of Dom’s bandages removed and have her central line flushed. It was a quick visit which was nice considering we have appointments for more tests all next week. Time spent in the hospital on that day: 1 hour

March 8th One day after Biopsy

I didn’t sleep well without little Dominique at home. I kept having knee jerk dreams where I would suddenly awake and think “oh my god, Dominique has cancer and is in ICU right now”. I guess that’s the body’s way of absorbing the shock. At 6am I was getting antsy to get to the hospital.…

March 7th Biopsy Day

We were instructed to be at the hospital at 10:20am. Poor Dom had to fast again and hadn’t had anything to eat since 4 am when she had a small bottle. Running behind schedule, it wasn’t until 12:45pm when we handed Dom over to the nurse for sugery and she was definitely hungry. I could…