March 11th CVC training and MIGB Injection

We made arrangements to go to Oncology to receive some training on how to do all the maintenance for Dom’s CVC line. This is seeming like a really big deal…too big of a deal. After we went to Nuclear Medicine so Dom could get an MIGB injection into her CVC. This radioactive substance is attracted by Neuroblastoma cells and will highlight any other areas that the cancer may have spread.

The technician explained that Dom could feel some discomfort as she injected the substance and this was the case. Dominique cried several times but appeared to be ok after the injection. We were informed that the scan the following day would take two hours and that Dominique would be restrained so she couldn’t move. It was also suggested to us that we bring a tired child to the scan so she could sleep throughout the procedure.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 2 hours