March 4th Our first visit at the oncology clinic.

Our first appointment in the Oncology Department at Children’s Hospital was at 10:45am. First impressions of the clinic were heartbreaking. Babies Dominique’s age hooked up to their Chemotherapy treatments with bald scalps. They took Dominique’s blood pressure, weight and temperature and we chatted with Ravina, Dr. Bond (Oncologist) and Surgeon Dr. Mark Macculough. Dr. Macculough went to the CT scan department to manipulate an appointment for Dominique. He said he had open surgery time on Thursday and it was the best interests to biopsy or to remove the tumor ASAP. I kept thinking, with all the horrible things heard on the news about the poor state of the medical system, at least they were moving on this fast.

Dominique’s bone marrow test was booked for March 5, 2002. Her CT scan for March 6, 2002, and Surgery or Biopsy for March 7, 2002. We had a busy week ahead of us.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 3 hours