April 24th A Bug…

Things were a little more complicated today than expected.  Dom’s blood tests revealed that her platelets were still extremely low so she received her third transfusion today.  Her stool sample came back she has been diagnosed with some sort of “bug”/infection in her bowels/intestines.  She was put on different antibiotics to treat her new diagnosis and was prescribed more antifungal medication.  Unreal the variety of drugs/ substances pumping through her system 24 hours a day.  Infact as a result I feel she has been quite nauseated and had a huge vomiting spell after drinking an 8 ounce bottle.  She has had gravol to help her along.

Initially, the doctor informed us that we would be in the hospital another 5-7 days which was extremely disappointing to say the least.  Dom has remained in isolation and has not stepped outside her tiny room.

However, the doctor has since informed us that if Dom remains fever free that we will be discharged tomorrow with some medication to treat her intestinal bug.  We are really keeping our fingers crossed.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 24 more hours and more to come…

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