April 29th Chemo postponed…

Dom had her appointment at the clinic to have her blood checked.  We came home to wait for the results since they usually take about an hour.  Dom’s platelets are up to 124 from 26 so she doesn’t need a platelet transfusion.  However, her neutraphil count (infection fighting component of the blood) is still extremely low.  It has been zero for over a week and it has only gone up to 0.09.  This blood component cannot be transfused- the only way for it to go up is for the body to make some more. Therefore, Dom’s chemo treatment is cancelled for this week and postponed to next week.

Our next appointment at the clinic is next Tuesday, May 7th to have her blood checked again to see if she is ready for chemo.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 30 minutes