May 17th 3rd day of 3rd chemo cycle

Dominique still seems to be happy and is coping well with this cycle of chemo.  She slept most of the time on Dada’s lap while in the clinic. The nurse put a permanent “port” or little tube in Dominiques leg that goes under her skin, so we could do the G-CSF injection through this tube at home.    Just another piece of medical tubing attached to Dominique.  This tube is very tiny and it is very difficult to get the needle in, often taking several tries so we practiced on a dummy doll in the clinic.  She didn’t seem to feel a thing while the big needle was inserted into her thigh to get the tubing in…thank god for the numbing cream I think it actually works.

Dominique seemed well all day but had a horrible sleep.  Every 15 minutes from 10:30pm to around 4 she would toss and turn with bursts of crying.  Perhaps the tube in her leg was bothering her since it is on the side she sleeps on, or maybe she felt nauseated all night.  It is tough to know, but she definately had a rough night.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 2.5 hours