May 22nd Some good numbers

Today Dom had her usual post chemo appointment to check her blood counts to see if she needs a transfusion and her ability to fight infection (white blood cells).  The numbers are much better, so far, this time.  Her ANC (infection fighting white blood cell) is at 2.46.  Dr. Bond has let us stop the G-CSF injections after today for the time being and we got quick home instructions on how to remove the little tube from Dom’s leg.  This is a huge relief because Dominique really does hate these injections.  Last night she saw the needle and started crying before we even touched her.  She seems to be doing well aside from being nauseous at times and having a rough time at night.  Last night she was upset for over two hours. 

Dr. Bond mentioned scheduling Dom’s final CT scan to take place in about 4 weeks.  A sign that the end to larger part of this may soon be over.  It will be stressful to find out if Dom will end up having surgery, etc etc. But we try not to think too much about that and focus on each day at a time.  I am so anxious to get the central line out of her chest and asked Dr. Bond when this would happen.  If  Dom has surgery to remove the remaining tumor then it will take place at that point.  If not, then a separate surgery is scheduled.  He commented that they seem to go in quicker than they are removed- his way of insinuating that there may be a surgery wait list for the line to be removed.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 20 hrs