Angels & Demons

Watched Angels & Demons last night. This movie is another Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code) book turned into a movie. It is the story about how an underground scientist society called the Illuminati planned to destroy Vatican City right during conclave. Once again Tom Hanks is playing Robert Langdon, the Indiana Jones like super symbol specialist which can solve pretty much any puzzle thrown at him. I had read both books before seeing Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code and I have to say I preferred this movie over the other one. The Da Vinci Code felt too rushed while this one felt just right. Although it had been longer since I read the book for this one so perhaps my memory was more vague. Nevertheless, from what I recall, they followed the book pretty closely except for one part at the end which was probably the most unbelievable part in the whole book so probably good they took it out anyway. I give it a $7 rating. I see that they are planning to release “The Lost Symbols” so I best go read that book now.

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