OpenStreetMap Plugin

A friend of mine introduced me to OpenStreetMap (OSM) a while back. OpenStreetMap is much like Google Maps when Google Maps first started, the one difference is that it is operated by the public much like Wikipedia is. In that manner, the maps are more up to date then say Google Maps cause they get updated pretty much as soon as some changes are done in your area. If they are not done, you can go ahead and update it yourself. There is now a plugin for WordPress for OSM so I am testing this out now.
Essentially the OSM plugin allows you to add maps to your posts like so:
[osm_map lat=”49.164″ long=”-123.153″ zoom=”11″ width=”600″ height=”450″ marker=”49.166,-123.167″ marker_name=”marker_blue.png”]
Could become another interesting toy to play with. More to come.

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