Green Zone

Watched Green Zone over the weekend. This movie is about an army platoon that’s in charge of securing sites where weapons of mass destruction during the Iraq war. After a few sites that turned out to be duds, the platoon leader, Chief Miller, (Matt Damon) decides to find out why the intel reports they have is false and find the Iraqi source that has mislead the US. This movie seems like a cheap political play by Matt Damon over the whole WMD mess. We all know they weren’t any WMDs in Iraq so no point dragging that story any further. Bush is gone. Thank you. Move on. Anyway that aside, the movie is quite enjoyable to watch although the story is a bit tricky to follow here and there. The action is quite good although not Bourne worthy like they try to tease you that it is. Anyway I give it a $6 rating.

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