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World Cup Pool Update July 5th

Pool has been updated. Some changes at the top but now Emrah has pretty much wrapped it up. I say pretty much cause perhaps I miscalculated somewhere. Results: Uruguay 1 (4) : 1 (2) Ghana Netherlands 2 : 1 Brazil Paraguay 0 : 1 Spain Argentina 0 : 4 Germany Upcoming matches: Uruguay vs. Netherlands…

World Cup Update June 29th

All right. The quarter finals are set. Only DaveC picked Paraguay in this round and Emrah picked Uruguay in this round. Things tightening up at the top. Results Spain 1 : 0 Portugal Paraguay 0 (5) : 0 (3) Japan Upcoming matches – Quarter-finals: Netherlands vs. Brazil – 2 Jul 7:00am (PDT) Uruguay vs. Ghana…

World Cup Update June 28th

Just updated. Today’s Results Brazil 3 : 0 Chile Netherlands 2 : 1 Slovakia Upcoming matches: Paraguay vs. Japan – 29 Jun 7:00am (PDT) Spain vs. Portugal – 29 Jun 11:30am (PDT) Master Results

Word Cup Update June 25th

First round is over. Quite a few upsets. Commercial drive is pretty quiet for some reason. Results: Chile 1 : 2 Spain Switzerland 0 : 0 Honduras Portugal 0 : 0 Brazil North Korea 0 : 3 Côte d’Ivoire Upcoming matches – Round of 16: Uruguay vs. South Korea – 26 Jun 7:00am (PDT) United…

World Cup Pool Update June 23rd

Group C and D are done. England will be in tough against Germany in the next match. Results: Ghana 0 : 1 Germany Australia 2 : 1 Serbia USA 1 : 0 Algeria Slovenia 0 : 1 England Upcoming matches: Paraguay vs. New Zealand- 24 Jun 7:00am (PDT) Slovakia vs. Italy – 24 Jun 7:00am…

World Cup Pool Update June 21st

ok the pool has been updated to include the weekend results. Seems like Emrah will be hard to beat although Milan and Eric are still there. In case you feel like being at the WC in SA, we have created a WC version of Check it out.

Cannot Update Pool

I cannot update the pool because my computer at work is off due to power outage. Update will have to wait until Monday. Results: Cameroon 1 : 2 Denmark Ghana 1 : 1 Australia Netherlands 1 : 0 Japan Ronnie is probably happy although he didn’t know Denmark was playing today. 🙂

Pool Update June 18th

I have just updated the pool. In case you missed it: England 0 : 0 Algeria Slovenia 2 : 2 United States Germany 0 : 1 Serbia Congrats to our Serbian friends for beating Germany! Sorry Breanna and Roy. Emrah now looks vulnerable with Eric and Milan having caught him since he had no points…