March 12th MIBG scan #1 & 2nd attempt at CVC training

We followed the technician’s advice and brought a tired child to the lab. From the moment Dominique was restrained and saw the big monster machine rotate around her and come down her in a crushing motion she cried, and cried like we’ve never heard her terrorized and traumatized. When she finally did doze off after pure exhaustion from crying, she woke up 15 minutes later when her position changed. This lasted 1 hour and a half even though we tried playing her favorite CD’s, and singing her songs. It’s funny, I thought this test would be one of the easiest. I now dread the 45 minute scan tomorrow and another 1 hour 45 mins on Thursday. Although we had an appointment for CVC training in Oncology, we requested it be postponed. They gave us a video to watch and a plastic dummy doll to practice on. We also went to the pharmacy to pick up our shopping bag of CVC supplies.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 2 1/2 hours