March 5th Bone Marrow Test Day

A nerve wracking day to say the least. It started with a nurse attempting to put an intravenous in Dominique’s foot which was nearly impossible due to her chubby hands and feet. They put hot diapers around her hand and feet to try and raise a vein. The intravenous was successful, but Dom was not happy and felt the discomfort of the needle.

In the procedure room, we were able to play a Snow White tape in the VCR to lighten the tension as tears were already streaming down my face . It was time for Dominique to be sedated. The doctor gave her some Midazolam which made Dom see double and would help her forget the procedure. She was also given Morphine. Unfortunately samples of both bone and bone marrow had to be taken from both sides of Dom’s bones on the back. Though she was sedated you could tell the procedure caused her pain as she cried out during certain parts of the procedure which took 40 minutes. It was suggested we try and keep the intravenous in her leg since it would be needed for the scan and surgery. We were given Heperin to flush it out every 8 hours.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 3 ½ hours