June 20th Transfusion

Dominique had her platelet transfusion today.  Our appointment was for 8:30am but the nurse called just before we left to tell us that the bag of platelets got punctured so a new batch would have to be ordered.  Sometimes it can take a long time to get the blood if it is not available at the hospital and has to be ordered from the blood bank.  We only had to wait until 9:30 before the nurse called to inform us the platelets were ready.

In the clinic the nurse seemed concerned because Dominique’s temperature was a bit higher than normal and her ANC is zero.  We will have to watch her closely for a fever or signs of infection.  Like before this would mean another hospital stay.  The transfusion went smooth and was complete in approximately an hour.  Dominique’s next appointment is on Monday, June 24th in the morning at 8:45 for blood work.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 2 hours