June 6th Almost done!

Yesterday, after Dominique woke up from her nap, she was quite nauseated and couldn’t keep her dinner down.  She is also really frustrated because she wants her bottle but can’t drink it for some reason.  I have tried all types of cups and glasses to get any type of fluid in her.  My guess is that she is either feeling sick or has sores in her throat and mouth.  I wish I could just ask her.  She slept ok throughout the night which is a bonus for mom and dad. 

The second day of chemo went smooth.  The clinic was nice and quiet and we managed to get outside on the patio to blow some bubbles.  Dominique had a huge nap when we got home and ate rice and applesauce for dinner.  Can’t believe the last day of chemo (hopefully) is tomorrow.   I’m going to buy Dominique a huge helium balloon to celebrate!

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 3 hours