September 23rd Poor little Dom

It appears Dominique has caught a cold which started on Friday night.  Just all the basic symptoms…mild fever, runny nose, conjested.  I phoned the Oncologist on call at the hospital on Saturday just to make sure that her immune system is ready to fight the virus and was told Dominique may be more susceptible to a chest infection because she recently had surgery there.  So we took Dominique to a walk in doctors clinic to have her checked out.  her chest sounds fine although her ears have a slight infection.  I feel really relieved to have a doctor say she’ll be ok. 

Seeing Dominique sick this time really makes me realize how severely ill she was when we were in Quebec.  Dominique is cranky with this cold but still has interest in TV, toys and a little food.  When we were in Quebec Dominique basically lied there, uninterested in anything- crying or moaning in pain unless she was sleeping.  I had never seen anyone so sick in my life and am glad I followed my mother instincts to bring her to emergency 3 times- which lead to her early neuroblastoma diagnosis.