Workaround to Export Bookmarks for Google Chrome on a Mac

I was just setting up my new iMac yesterday when it came time to re-install Chrome (not much of a Safari fan). I went to my old Mac to see if I could export them. Checked the file menu, checked the chrome menu, and checked preferences and nada. Quick google search and I found that it is a missing feature in Chrome for Mac. One workaround provided by the folks there is to setup bookmarks syncing using your Google account but since I used that for my work bookmarks, I didn’t want to do that and have all my bookmarks merged and messed up. I decided to browse the ~username/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default folder and found a file named Bookmarks. I copied it and moved it over to the new computer and restarted Chrome and it didn’t work right away but next time I restarted Chrome, they came across. Anyway in the end it worked and since I didn’t see anyone else with the same suggestion, I thought I would publish that here.

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