MDRN Sculptures Review – Analysis – Scam Warning


  1. Olivier - Répondre

    Do never buy anything from them. You would not receive anything.
    I’ve been waiting for my order since June.
    They don’ answer to y emails.

  2. Arturo - Répondre

    I purchased online in july 2020, and they keep delaying and never refund my money. these people should be held accountable. and would be checked before they have been allowed on any platform.

    • sylvain - Répondre

      Sorry to hear. Yes. At a minimum Shopify and Instagram should do more to prevent scam sites like these to be created / marketed on their platforms.

  3. Thomas Rinski - Répondre

    I placed an order in July 2020. I’ve had no less than 15 communications from “Veronica“ I am being told constantly that my order is being held up due to COVID-19. It’s been seven months since I placed my order I am certain I will never receive it.

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